Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your home or business, and though we cannot predict if or when a disaster will strike, being properly prepared and diligent can mitigate the damages and protect what is most important to you.

K&M Fire Protection Services Inc. is Connecticut’s first line of defense against the dangers of fire damage, offering state-of-the-art fire protection system testing, installation and maintenance to ensure the safety your building. We have decades of industry knowledge and experience, with a passionate dedication to remaining on the forefront of preventative sprinkler and alarm fire safety systems. Whether you are in need of fire protection testing services, inspection or maintenance, or are looking into installing a newly engineered system designed with industry-leading Building Information Modeling software for optimal protection and performance, K&M Fire Protection Services of Connecticut offers the highest standard in technology and customer care.

At K & M Fire Protection Services, we also back our systems with 24/7 emergency service and support to ensure your assets are monitored and protected under all circumstances. We also work with a wide range of sprinkler and fire suppression systems, including wet and dry systems as well as special hazard systems that use cleaning agents, foam and much more.

Keep your home or business protected from disaster with K & M Fire Protection Services. Read more about our Service & Inspection capabilities and Construction Services now, or contact us at 877-591-1970 to discuss your needs with one of our professionals today.