Any time you’re working on a new construction project, you should have a few clear goals in mind. Of course, you’re going to want to get the job done as soon as possible to keep costs low and the project timeline on track, but safety should be at the top of your list of priorities. There’s no reason to build a structure if it isn’t going to be safe for people to inhabit once the job is done, and doing so will only create more costs down the road. That’s why technology like building information modeling, or BIM, is so important today.

Building 3D RenderIf you’re unfamiliar with the process behind this technology, it’s fairly simple. During the initial design stages of any construction project, a digital 3D rendering can be used to help visualize the final result. This model can then be adapted, manipulated and changed as the project evolves, which can also help engineers and builders pinpoint and avoid potential safety issues.

Building information modeling can improve safety because the process allows those involved with the project to manipulate the model, testing a variety of factors and conditions. Through these simulations, engineers can analyze potential issues involving plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. This technology is also commonly used to determine adequate fire safety procedures for buildings.

By using BIM, engineers are able to design a comprehensive system based on a digital model. This saves both time and money, allowing our team to create a comprehensive design that can be adapted and managed as the project specs change or update. With such flexibility and in-depth understanding of the design during the pre-build phases, we can effectively build your fire protection system twice – once in the digital setting, where we can identify any shortcomings with the design and overcome any potential design challenges, and then once on site based on all the insights gained from the digital creation process.

BIM also allows us to make safer buildings, thanks to the visualized design process. We can use the 3D rendering to analyze our systems before taking them out into the real world, which also allows us to study each design in the lab to look for any areas that may not be effectively covered with a fire suppression system. By identifying areas in need of more work early on, we can make sure that every building is not only safe and secure, but also fully compliant with all fire codes and building standards.

At K & M Fire, we saw the value of BIM technology early on, and continue to be at the forefront of technology in the engineering and design sector. Our years of knowledge and experience, combined with cutting-edge technologies, allow us to meet and exceed every client’s goals and expectations. To learn more about our fire protection system design and installation services and how we can use BIM to help, contact us today by calling 877-591-1970.