When it comes to fire protection systems, the team at K & M Fire Protection Services understands the importance of using high-quality, flame retardant materials. That’s why we offer custom designs and practical solutions that take advantage of CPVC fabrication. No matter what type of property you’re trying to protect, our team can work with you to provide you with the CPVC systems you need.

CPVC FabricationThere are a wide range of benefits that come with fabricating and working with CPVC, especially when the process is done in house like it is at K & M Fire Protection Services. One of the most important advantages for us and our customers is the ability to focus on quality control. Our CPVC fabrication services are performed in a temperature-controlled environment, but that’s not all. We are also able to reduce field glue joints by at least 50 percent versus third-party production and on-site assembly done by other companies.

Another benefit is that there is only one source of material – our warehouse. Because of this, you can rest assured that the CPVC fire protection systems we deliver to you all came from the same place. This helps to minimize, if not eliminate, a wide range of compatibility issues, and allows us to reduce waste through using an optimized design to our cutting sheets.

Keeping our CPVC fabrication services in house also allows us to get the job done at a faster rate than many of our competitors. This saves us time and money, which, in turn, provides faster and cheaper results for our clients.

With these benefits in mind, you can confidently turn to the team at K & M Fire Protection services the next time you need CPVC fabrication for a fire protection system. Learn more about our services today by giving us a call at 860-621-3040!